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Sustainability Statement

Woodside Industries, Inc. Sustainability Statement

Woodside Industries recognizes the benefits to all for operating in an efficient and responsible manner.

Woodside  promotes the use of renewable resources especially in using wood products from suppliers that uphold replanting and harvesting to provide for future generations. FSC product provided when requested.

Our goal is to provide top quality product and service, therefore we have become an AWI (Architectural Woodwork Institute) member and part of the QCP(Quality Certification Program).

We promote and provide means for carpooling.

Transport of product is done with combining shipments for efficiency.

Incoming wood product is brought in on supplier routes.

Woodside separates cardboard for recycling, wood scraps go to inert dump ground, and trash is separate.

We have upgraded machinery with automation finish line for safety and consistency in wood finishing.

Transition to paperless systems in our office, leads to better use of our resources.

We are using repaired wood pallets instead of new ones to keep from having unnecessary waste.    

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